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Mitsubishi Electric Display Wall Systems are the preferred choice of many of Europe's specialist systems integrators for its performance, longevity, reliability and ease of maintenance in mission-critical applications like utility control rooms, power stations, traffic control centre’s and crisis management suites. The excellent screen uniformity and performance also makes Display Wall Systems a popular choice with broadcasters, in both in-vision and broadcast monitoring roles.

Mitsubishi’s new Seventy Series Display Wall range is available in 50”, 60” and 67” sizes, in both 1024 x 768 (XGA) pixel and 1400 x 1050 (SXGA+) pixel resolutions. Front and rear access versions are available in all sizes and resolutions; the Seventy Series display range also includes an LCD-based system. Mitsubishi’s VC-X3000 processor and D-Wall software suite have been designed specifically to enable installers to create an extremely powerful turnkey display system.

Intelligence: Advanced smart lamp – The seventy series cubes can detect when a lamp is reaching the end of its life expectancy. At this point the display wall pre-heats a spare lamp (on dual lamp systems) 10 minutes before an automatic lamp switch, reducing the risk of black outs on the display screen. Using the same heating process, users can schedule lamp changes automatically so two lamps are being used alternatively. Dynamic colour and brightness balancing – each display wall cube comes equipped with an enhanced “smart” colour wheel which stores its own colour characteristics. When a colour wheel replacement occurs the seventy series cube automatically makes adjustments to the new colour wheel, to ensure consistency of images across the whole screen.

Flexibility: Tailor-made Systems - The Seventy Series line up includes 50” 60” 67” and 80” screen size options that are all fully equipped with the latest features and can be tailored to meet the specific needs of a project.

Internal Processing: Optional internal data processing in the new 70 series can display 4 windows on one cube simultaneously, increasing the standalone capability of a Mitsubishi display wall solution.

Auto-balancing: Each Seventy Series display wall cube is equipped with three built-in sensors (one for each primary color) and Dynamic Colour & Brightness Balancing system embedded. Built-in sensors continually monitor the individual red, green and blue outputs of each cube, sharing this data with its neighbors and adjusting performance automatically to maintain an extremely accurate color balance over the entire display. This system maintains the image uniformity of multi configurations of display wall cubes.

Easy Set – Up: Auto-tuning - Mitsubishi’s Seventy Series display wall cubes come equipped with an auto geometry function. A motorized adjustment tool which is equipped with 6 motors can align the image geometry with a remote control or control software that enable “one-person set-up”. Also additional motors can be connected for mirror distortion correction.

Durability: Reducing maintenance and ownership costs the new display walls have an estimated service life of 10 years.

Redundancy: Signal redundancy for mission critical applications.